Success Story

Prometheus leads the direction of Our Future Stars, including it's involvement in the Buick Human Highlight Reel program as showcased during the 2011 Final Four.

Success Story

We are proud to lead his charitable efforts and inspired by Vincent Lecavalier's $3 Million commitment to the Vincent Lecavalier Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorder Center at All Childrens Hospital.

Success Story

Prometheus is proud to have lead the effort in re-architecting and re-imagining what a Sport National Governing Body web platform can be.

Success Story

Prometheus is proud to help Tara Costa inspire positive change and a healthy lifestyle in others.

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Ryan Nece

Member - The Champions Fund

"Never miss the opportunity to give because you may miss the opportunity to receive."

Drayton Florence - Buffalo Bills

Member - The Champions Fund

"I give because I know how it feels to go without. I am now blessed to be in a position to impact and help others, giving back what so many others have given to me over the years. Giving back provides me a feeling of wholeness and gives real purpose to my life."

Jared Jefferies - Houston Rockets

Member - The Champions Fund

"I think it is important that kids know somebody cares about them. Through my foundation, I'm able to interact more with the kids in Bloomington, which will always be home to me."

Mike Peterson - Atlanta Falcons

Member - The Champions Fund

"There is no greater satisfaction than being able to help others."

Allison Stokes

Vice President, Player Programming

"We are sincere in helping our athletes give back. My job is to help athletes build programming and events that reach their goals and that are truly meaningful. It is a fantastic job!"

Will Allen - Pittsburgh Steelers

Member, The Champions Fund

"The importance of giving back is not of self fulfillment but of showing gratitude and thanks to those who have paved the way and sacrificed before you. Giving back perpetuates a legacy of selfless action. Without selfless acts none of us would experience the privileges we have. It is important to me to demonstrate selfless acts of service."